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Barber Boot Camp for Cosmetologists One-On-One Seminars are designed to focus on what YOU want to learn.   Our one-on-one barbering class will allow you to build on the system you’ve learned, what you already know, and then explore some areas that are new to you in hair cutting.

As barbers and cosmetologists, we all have different parts of our craft that we stand excel in, and then there are some areas that we know in the back of our minds, we can improve upon. This  clipper cutting class this allows you to focus on those areas, and gain new techniques that will help you in mastering your craft, too.

Whether it is building speed, mastering new styles like Mo hawks, Fro Hawks, South of France, designs, tapers, fades, beard trimming, or comb overs, this private barbering course is designed for licensed barbers and cosmetologist & instructors. We recommend attending our Barber Boot Camp for Cosmetologists if you have not cut before.

Not just any barber training

Barber Boot Camp for Cosmetologists One-On-One Seminars bridges the gap between barbering and cosmetology. Lu shares 25 plus years of barbering experience in a down-to-earth simplistic way that everyone can understand.

Don't miss out on this rare opportunity to learn to clipper cut in a positive, fun, comfortable, non-judgmental environment, with others who really want to learn just like you!

Make an investment in your growth and reap the benefits for years to come. There is NO judgment and NO silly questions when it comes to learning in these classes so ALL questions asked get answered so everyone gets it. We learn on live model after model together, not from your chair but from behind the chair with YOU cutting.

Some areas of focus in our seminar, but not limited to:

  • Improving speed
  • Fading
  • Tapering
  • Learn to cut straight hair
  • Learn to cut curly hair
  • Designer parts
  • Edging the hairline
  • Customer service
  • Sanitation
  • Target marketing
  • Essential tools
  • Mo hawks
  • Fro Hawks
  • South of France
  • Designs
  • And much much more…

Please Note

*To attend this class you must have completed our Level 1 Class

Who would benefit from this class?


What if I have not used clippers that much?

We see that 2 different ways
You don’t have bad habits to unlearn
If you want to learn it – this is the most focused system with easy steps to follow to get you to this goal. We don’t just give you a video of someone cutting, we give you the foundation and we also give you the why. This adds to your confidence because you truly understand your system and why it works.

No one can guarantee what someone will do or how they learn but many of our customers were in this same position, and have learned our system and made massive improvement in their cuts, their speed, and their consistency. View this link to let them tell you for themselves.

My cuts take too long, will this help me?

Inside of this course is our system, we’ll walk you through the exact step by step process needed to help build your speed, even if you’re a beginner that takes an hour plus on a haircut. No matter your experience, our systems build speed from your repetition, anything you do over and over, you get better and better at, you also naturally begin to decrease the time as you grow in the system. Just think, If you start at 1 hour to give a haircut now and learn to take your cutting time down to 30 minutes, you have just DOUBLED your income potential. This is what happened to Jordan >>

I’ve tried to watch haircut videos before and it didn’t work?

There are many people out there right now watching barber videos that don’t work, while there are many of our clients cutting like crazy.
*Note – It is not good to view many different videos because each one has a different system that the barber is using. Mixing these will make every cut seem like a puzzle. Also the fact is... "Just because one can cut, it doesn't mean one can teach someone else to cut". BBCFC users have been generating more dollars a year from following the 2 cutting systems we teach in this course.

Is it worth it?

Unlike other barber videos with someone just cutting we have a curriculum and the process, which teaches you our proven cutting system. Our barber course comes with a workbook and presentation videos that lay the foundation, interactive online barber videos that re-enforce our system, and we even offer group coaching in our private membership community (“The Cutting Coach) to help you really visualize and comprehend the material).



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Barber Basics - 101

Haven't taken Level 1 yet?

No worries... Now you can complete Barber Basics 101 via online.  Simply add to your cart and get immediate access to prepare yourself for class. 
NOTE - *If you have taken our 2 day this does not apply to you.
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